UPA NEWS - a subsidiary of United Press Agency Ltd., London

UPA News was founded in 2001 by Sir Jonathan McGregor in London, where the news agency is headquartered to this day. Since 2011, UPA News has been a part of United Press Agency Ltd., also headquartered in London. The agency provides a special kind of support for journalists, bloggers and other media professionals. Full-time and part-time journalists may use the news platform to showcase articles and photographs in a professional environment. For newcomers to journalism and people with non-traditional backgrounds in particular, UPA News offers the perfect level of support and in-depth knowledge of the profession. The range of covered topics is extensive, and content can be presented in a variety of ways, from the traditional daily and weekly press to professional articles, in-depth reports or photo essays from the areas of sports and society.

Media professionals who want a simple process for uploading news and photographs can use the following categories:

  • Automotive & Motor Sports
  • Education & Career
  • Energy & Environment
  • Finance
  • Health & Medicine
  • Internet & New Media
  • Arts & Culture
  • Lifestyle & Society
  • Politics & Law
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Economics & Trade
  • Science & Technology

UPA News makes it easy for full-time and part-time journalists to publish and market their work independently.

Photos and articles are published without time delay and can be downloaded directly by potential clients. Thanks to our simple and intuitive online editorial system, journalists only need basic computer skills to manage their portfolios. The marketing of commercial rights is the direct responsibility of the author or photographer and does not involve UPA News.

UPA News has established itself as one of the most important and most profitable market places for online news. In addition, the platform offers a comprehensive network for news organizations, businesses and readers. Users of the platform can pursue their journalistic work independent of outside influences from professional associations or the interests of media publishing companies. Becoming a contributor and uploading photos and articles is a straightforward process. Besides issuing press passes, the role of the UPA News staff consists solely of evaluating the relevancy of journalistic contributions and, upon request, providing letters confirming assignment for specific reporting needs. If indicated for journalistic reasons, qualified applicants may even be issued more than one letter confirming assignment.

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