CIPP Certificate and CIPP Seal

CIPP (Certified International Press Photographer)

Becoming a certified press photographer provides a significant boost to your public image.

Businesses, agencies and colleagues treat certified press photographers with respect, and being able to present a certificate to potential clients signals your professionalism.

As an IAPP member, you, too, may benefit from this unique advantage!

The CIPP seal serves as proof of your professionalism whenever a press pass is not enough. The uses for the seal are endless, from including it in your personal website or blog to your email signature, letterhead or business cards.

Just like a press pass, it shows that you are a professional in the field of photojournalism. The seal´s informative value may also help you whenever you contact agencies, businesses and other institutions, making it a useful component of your reporting tool kit.

For more information about the prerequisites for receiving a certificate and its possible uses, please click on our link.

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