Journalistic work made easier.

The nature of journalistic work can bring about some special benefits for journalists and press photographers. A press pass opens doors for journalists that are closed to the general public. It also helps when seeking accreditation for events and can be beneficial during travel.

But that´s not all: Media representatives with the proper ID may receive exclusive invitations to events as well as discounts on hotels and rental cars. It doesn´t matter whether you work as a freelance photographer or journalist or as a full-time newsroom employee. We offer the same benefits as other press agencies that limit membership to full-time journalists. We believe that such restrictive eligibility requirements are not in line with the developments of modern journalism. Demonstrate your professionalism to institutions, organizers and businesses and discover the unique benefits we offer. By working as a freelance journalist, you are guaranteed to have maximum flexibility in your reporting.

The press pass - the key to your journalistic success

Understandably, businesses and event organizers want to work with serious journalists who are pursuing legitimate research interests. Some of them may even have had bad experiences with unscrupulous journalists who used their press passes solely for the purpose of gaining free admission rather than for actual research purposes. A press pass must not be considered a ticket to popular events. Many organizers routinely ask for background about the news organization and require official accreditation. It is your responsibility to provide them with all the information they need. Doing so helps ensure that the journalism profession will continue to be held in high regard among businesses, organizations and the public.