Becoming a contributor

One of the main functions of IAPP is bringing together journalists, news agencies, press offices and other media organizations. This applies to conventional photographers, journalists who take their own news photos, as well as other press pass owners who work in the journalism field.

IAPP strives to ensure that press photographers and their work receive the appropriate recognition. Through versatile and independent public relations work, we want to establish ourselves as an alternative to typical professional organizations, which will benefit all of our members. We intentionally follow a fresh and contemporary approach by integrating new media and comprehensive media services. Our large network of national and international journalists and other media professionals creates positive synergy effects, with the UJPA Media Group playing an important role.

For special accreditation needs, IAPP members who have received their press passes may request personalized letters confirming assignment. In combination with your press pass, this creates a solid foundation for a professional appearance and allows for unimpeded and efficient journalistic work.

For journalists and press photographers who want to showcase their work to a broader audience, IAPP offers more than just a press pass. Our free online editorial system allows you to make your press photos available to thousands of news organizations around the world. That way, you are sure to reach new audiences and increase your name recognition as well as your professional success. In addition, our IAPP Award offers you a chance to win cash and non-cash prizes and earn recognition for your photographs from a jury of professionals.

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