IAPP webinars and seminars

Please note: IAPP webinars/seminars will be held in English.


If you are a press photographer or photojournalist with a press pass and would like to give your career a boost, IAPP webinars can be highly valuable. We provide online support from our business partners and professionals in the field to help you get the most out of your camera when taking press photos.

Many photographers have what it takes to become successful photojournalists. Continuing education opportunities are crucial if you want to take your career to the next level. IAPP helps you get there by organizing experienced journalists and press photographers as speakers who will provide you with practical tips to increase your skill set.

How IAPP webinars work

Our webinars are reserved for IAPP members who have been issued press passes. In addition, you need a computer with broadband Internet, speakers or headphones. To participate in our events, you need to download and install our software (.exe file), which may require administrator support.

Upon successful installation, you will be able to watch the webinar on the Internet via live stream or PowerPoint presentation. For audio, you may use your computer´s microphone and speakers (VoIP) or call in using the phone number provided. Access information will be sent to you via email no later than 20 minutes before the start of the webcast.

Questions during the webinar may be submitted using the chat window and VoIP. During events with high attendance, we ask that you submit your questions in writing.

A brief overview of some of our webinars:

Coaching, Consulting & Portfolio Review

Tips from industry insiders will help you increase your professional knowledge and skills. Look behind the scenes and learn the special tricks of modern photojournalism.

This webinar focuses on the art of photography. The speaker is an international expert on press photography and author/co-author of the book "Wie man Geld mit Lizenzen macht" (How to make money with licenses). As a photographer with a press pass, you, too, can benefit from this speaker´s experience in your daily work!

Selling Press Photos to Media Organizations - our most popular webinar!

Are you a photography enthusiast with exceptional skills in your field? No matter if you are taking photos of celebrities, sporting events or nature, a press pass is no guarantee that your photos will actually sell. Our seminar "Marketing Your Press Photos" shows you how to successfully sell your photographs while keeping most of the royalties for yourself.

The seminar is led by a renowned press photographer and offers valuable tips and insights into trends such as online marketing of photographs, with a focus on selling your digital images.

The webinar covers:

  • How to prepare to sell your photos
  • How to market your photos online and offline
  • A basic approach to your personal needs assessment
  • How to maximize your efficiency
  • How to create a professional presentation and boost your success

Pinterest Webinar

Pinterest - the popular online photo trend

Whether or not you have a press pass, Pinterest allows you to publish your photos, incl. captions, on virtual bulletin boards.

The platform invites users to share photos and experiences on other social networks. But how exactly does the process of adding, sharing and commenting on individual photos work? Our webinar will provide you with the answer!

Online Photoshop Workshop

Retouching photos to remove wrinkles or skin blemishes is only one of many editing challenges that can be mastered with Photoshop. Photographers with press passes are invited to join our webinar on beauty retouching to learn how to use this software correctly and how to turn regular portraits into real eye catchers. By using Adobe Systems Photoshop, you are putting your trust into one of the most popular image editing software programs in the world. Some possible edits:

  • Correction of color and tonality
  • Professional processing (Camera Raw 7)
  • Efficient use of various painting and drawing tools

Are you interested in joining one of our webinars? Simply log into your IAPP member profile and register for one of our events to save your spot!