IAPP in comparison

A press pass, along with the associated membership in a professional organization, provides valuable proof of your work as a professional journalist. Any serious journalist must therefore decide which professional association to join and what the benefits will be. An IAPP membership carries numerous advantages, e.g. the fact that we accept journalists who only work part time. At the same time, businesses and event organizers can be sure that anyone carrying an IAPP press pass is a professional journalist and a member of an internationally recognized press association.

Our comparison between IAPP and other professional organizations will convince you of the advantages we offer:

IAPP vs. Other Organizations

IAPP Other Organizations
Independent work as a professional press association: yes some
Experienced track record: yes some
Open to part-time journalists and freelancers: yes some
Member verification through membership status inquiry: yes rarely
Marketing portals for members: yes rarely
Open to newcomers and people with non-traditional backgrounds: yes rarely
Annual membership fee: $48 up to $300
Press vehicle ID and reporter ID card: yes some
Letter confirming assignment: yes rarely
Marketing opportunities for photo galleries: yes no
Simple process for receiving a press pass: yes proof required
Internationally recognized press pass: yes some
Internal award contest: yes rarely
Media discounts and partnership network: yes some
CIPP seal & certificate: yes very rarely

Support services and press credentials for journalists

All journalists, bloggers, photographers and other media professionals should be able to take advantage of the benefits offered by a membership in a strong professional association. For only $48.00 a year, IAPP provides a wide range of useful services. IAPP is a recognized international press association and legally authorized to issue press credentials. Our press passes are official, legitimate documents that open doors around the globe.

Please note: A press pass is only as good as the reputation of the professional association that issued it. In addition to a portfolio of published work, there are other prerequisites that must be met by each applicant, similar to those required by other professional associations. The International Association of Press Photographers (IAPP) sees itself bound by these clear-cut journalistic criteria. For details, please click here.

We use a complex printing process to guarantee that your press pass is forgery proof. For more information about this process and the security features of each IAPP press pass, please click here.