IAPP Press Photographers Award

The award given out by the International Association of Press Photographers (IAPP)

The IAPP Award is an annual contest for press photographers from around the world. Participation is limited to members who have been issued press passes by IAPP, UJPA or USPA. The contest takes place online and consists of three steps. After a (1) preliminary selection, the selected photographs enter a special (2) showcase. Finally, a jury presents the winners with their (3) awards. To compete for the IAPP Award, you must register in the members-only area of our website, which indicates your acceptance of our terms of participation.

The preliminary selection of photographs happens during a one-year award cycle through internal research on our platform. All photos that rank high in this preliminary selection will be evaluated and discussed internally by a jury of professionals. The ten winning photographs will be determined by unanimous jury decision, which cannot be contested. Each member of the association may enter up to three photographs in the contest. The photos must be uploaded on the IAPP website in JPEG format, with a length of approximately 1,000 pixels.

In addition to the title of the photograph, the photographer should include other information, such as the camera used, object of focus, selected settings and photo edits, if applicable. Submitted photos should not be older than eight years. The entry fee for participation in the IAPP Award is $78.00, which you may pay with PayPal. Once we have received your application form, we will send you a transaction receipt.

Internet display of submissions

All photos submitted by registered participants will be included in a special website for the IAPP Award. The photos will remain visible there for the duration of the current award year, until the start of the next contest. Winning photographs will be on permanent display in our "Winners" section.

Deadline for submissions

To participate in the next IAPP Press Photographers Award 2024, we must receive your registration and your submission of one to three photographs by November 30, 2023.

Selection of winners

A jury of professionals will select the winners among the participants who advanced to the showcase round. Winners will be announced on the IAPP website in February 2024. All winners will also be notified by email. We are also planning to honor the best photographers with individual awards such as a certificate or medal.

Who is eligible to participate in the IAPP Press Photographers Award?

Participation is limited to members of UJPA, USPA or IAPP who have been issued press passes from one of these organizations. Members will be notified about the upcoming award in order to allow sufficient time to register. The presentation of the annual award always takes place in the spring.

IAPP Award 2024 - apply now!

Eligible press photographers may already send in their applications using our online form. Upon receipt of your application form, our jury will review your information and the photographs you submitted. Once you have received a confirmation email from us, you will be able to register for the contest as described above.

Right of Use

All participants in the IAPP award who submit photographs for the contest grant the organizer the right to publish the submitted images on the special award website as well as the official IAPP Facebook page. This shall not affect any other rights to these images, which shall remain exclusively with the photographer/copyright holder submitting the photos.