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Journalism, press work and career qualification – these are the three areas to which we in the IAPP attach particular importance. We support our members, and through our many cooperations are able to provide them with special offers. In doing so, we deliberately distance ourselves from journalist unions. The reason: we do not want to see the quality of independent journalism restricted by profession regulations. Many years of successful work have shown us that we are on the right path. We are reliable partners for journalists, press offices, publishers and online publications.

What makes us stand out?

There is hardly any sector of the media which we do not represent. We feel honored by this confidence and put great stock in keeping it this way. We act as a point of intersection between classic journalism and innovative Web 2.0 journalism. In doing so, we not only try to secure purchasing benefits for our members, but also negotiate attractive, permanent offers. As a result, members can enjoy individual press discounts and special conditions in the service sector.

We do not only represent media producers who are active as full-time journalists however, but also speak very deliberately on behalf of part-time journalists. There is a very specific reason for this: those who pursue journalism only sporadically – or as a sideline – have little chance of finding work in many professional organizations. Such work is often seen as a “hobby”. This is not the case with our organization. The IAPP realizes that nowadays the vast majority of journalists work as freelancers, and that their way of working is often more efficient than that of their full-time colleagues.

What’s different about the IAPP?

We do not wish to speak negatively of other professional organizations, and of course we accept that journalists work with them, however we seek to set ourselves apart from others. This, we achieve through our streamlined administration, which allows us to avoid charging high fees, overly expensive dues and additional charges. This means you won’t find any cost-intensive general meetings at the IAPP; other organizations fund such meetings by passing costs onto the members through their membership fees. The scope of our meetings is minimal but entirely sufficient and therefore much more cost-effective.

Those who decide to work with us not only receive an International Press Card, but can also enjoy advantages which our competitors only offer their full-time media representatives. Freelance journalists often don’t feel sufficiently represented within established organizations. On top of this high membership fees can be a burden to freelancers when their work situation is not good. At the IAPP we keep our membership fees as low as possible. Take a look and see for yourself!

Successful press work has a name: IAPP

The internet Information politics is becoming more important every day. Specialized information about companies, products, services and new innovations which may be of interest to the public can often go unnoticed. This is where we – and our information politics – come into play: we support companies, organizations and agencies in the publication of news items and so help to optimize their awareness level and image.

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