The IAPP Press Vehicle ID

By displaying a IAPP Press Vehicle ID in your vehicle when driving to meetings or reporting a story, you will be permitted to park in spaces which are provided exclusively for representatives of the press.

A press vehicle ID can even be beneficial when parking "normally." In media-friendly cities, police often look the other way when a car with a press vehicle ID is parked in an illegal zone. There´s no guarantee that you won´t get ticketed, but it happens time and time again.

Certified IAPP Press Vehicle ID:

  • Approved certified press stamp, IAPP press seal and IAPP collaboration partner logos
  • Registered ID no. and certified car ID no.
  • Sealed rigid laminate
  • Forgery-proof, with color gradient and hologram annual stamp
  • Format approx. 5.83 inch x 8.27 inch (14.8 x 21 cm)

Press sign for the car, Accreditation certificate, Reporter ID card, Press card, Letter confirming assignment and your Travel press card: Order here!