Letter Confirming Assignment

At certain restricted events showing a press pass might not be enough. This is when the IAPP Letter confirming assignment is invaluable.

This document is issued once by request for a specific department. It proves you are involved in reporting the news.

This can be just as important at press conferences as at presentations, sports events, premieres, plant tours, for business occasions and also for gaining access to crime scenes. As an extra service, the International Association of Press Photographers issues you this journalistic identification in the form of a confirmation.

Letter Confirming Assignment:

  • Department-related design
  • IAPP embossed seal
  • Signed by Editor in Chief
  • Accreditation and editorial seals
  • Personalized and non-transferable
  • Original paper copy
  • Format approx. 8.27 inch x 11.65 inch(21 x 29.60 cm)
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