Feedback from IAPP Members

Here´s a collection of selected feedback from IAPP members received over the last two years. If you´re already an IAPP member, we´d love to receive your feedback.

"Thanks to your letter of editorial confirmation (letter of assignment). It helped to open doors. For that I am very thankful! There is one thing I have noticed when flying. Baggage that can be identified as Press due to their logos and are easily identified as Press are expedited through. My bag with your IAPP decal and logo also passes with no problems. My other bags that are not identified as Press or does not have a Press logo seems always checked and asked about. After id with your Press Pass, then, it is understood that these are my working tools and are passed through... "

Brian Provost - Canada -

"As the manager of a large media group I can only recommend membership in IAPP. We have been profiting for many years from the association´s varied information offers and also take extensive advantage of the discounts offered by the cooperation partners. Thank you very much to Jason Miller´s team."

Greg Thompson - Chicago, United States -

So far my IAPP vehicle press ID has been enough for me to regularly get my parking spot. The gates are opened immediately and every guard greets me.

Christian Stanglmeier, Blogger - Wien, Austria -

"I have already been a PIM member of IAPP for about two years and am very happy about it. In my work as a photographer I particularly appreciate the editorial confirmation and the International IAPP press pass for my work.

At shows such as the NAMM Show, CES Las Vegas, Fashion Week, the Miami International Boat Show, the CHICAGO AUTO SHOW, and many other events I have taken awesome pictures. Is there a lifetime membership in IAPP?"

John Webster - Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States -

"I have been a PIM member of IAPP for a good 1 ½ years. My experiences with the press pass from IAPP are very positive. As a sports photographer I am now also able to take pictures of the big sporting events such as the Football Championship, various NASCAR events and, of course, the Super Bowl every year."

Michael Smith, Photographer - Los Angeles, United States -

"As a photographer I travel a lot. That was particularly problematic for my photography equipment or its weight. I had to regularly pay for excess luggage. Since becoming a member of IAPP and being able to identify myself with my press pass or my press id card, most give me a break."

Wayne Fisher, Photographer - Seattle, United States -

"The guys at IAPP are simply top notch, quick responses to my emails, delivery within the promised 10 days and the documents are first rate. I especially like the press pass and the REPORTER CARD, TOP quality in credit card format. Before this, I had a press pass from another organization - terrible - one of those things that was merely laminated... But with IAPP it´s simply high quality and elegant."

Eunice Jackson, Journalist - Atlanta, United States -

"Howdy IAPP, so in Texas I get into every event with my IAPP press pass, most of the time even into the VIP area with the tasty snacks ;-)."

Elizabeth Davis, Accountant - Dallas, United States -

"The tips in the member area about the accreditation procedures at events were very useful to me. They allowed me to receive accreditation and the visit to CES in Las Vegas was a unique experience, great shows and any number of picture subjects for which I already have takers."

Christine Jenkins - Springfield, United States -

"I have renewed my internationally valid press pass for 2012 as well, due to the many good experiences at many events worldwide."

Giovanni Ferrara - Rome, Italy -

"...the cooperation with police and authorities works wonderfully as well, the people are mostly helpful and always willing to assist me in obtaining information. Unthinkable without my International press pass. Now I can finally do my work as a reporter."

George Clinton, Event Manager - New York, United States -

""I believe the most important document from IAPP is the personalized editorial confirmation. Research and accreditation has become considerably easier. The document is worth its weight in gold. Thank you IAPP!"

Darrell Williams - Boston, United States -

"Event organizers are becoming increasingly more skeptical, a press pass has not been enough for a while now! Without the IAPP reporter card and the editorial confirmation from IAPP - no entry."

Carol Shriver, Photographer - Detroit, United States -

"During accreditation for the Grammy Awards I was asked the following question: Okay, you have a press pass and where exactly can your reports and pictures be viewed?

I said, no problem, my pictures are published at That was my first Grammy awards as a photographer and certainly not my last."

Viktor Smirnov - Toronto, Canada -

"Thanks to my IAPP press pass I received a 15% discount for the purchase of my AUDI A6...Tip: Go to the local Audi contractor!"

Paul Weber, Advertising Agent - Berlin, Germany -

"I live in Germany and previously had a press pass from one of the largest German press associations. I have now had the IAPP press pass for 3 months and can already draw a conclusion:

With my International press pass I get into events for which I did not gain entry with my "German press pass". I hope that the annual fee of converted 35 Euros is not increased."

Frank Schulze, IT Consultant - Munich, Germany -

"I am a very skeptical and critical individual, and have googled for an appropriate press association for a very long time. My reasons were: first-class support, best price, press pass, press ID card, press vehicle ID, editorial confirmation, fast delivery of my documents and the opportunity to upload my videos at Newsmexx as well. "

Abbie Hutchinson - London, United Kingdom -

"I am very satisfied with the press pass and have already taken photographs at top events such as baseball, ice hockey and recently at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit."

Scott Aliston - Washington, United States -

"In my opinion, IAPP is the only serious alternative for people, who are working as journalists part-time, to join a press association. I can only recommend the association."

Tracy El Hachem - Santa Fe, United States -

"There are many associations and providers worldwide who only offer a press pass, but thanks to IAPP´s partners such as UPA-NEWS or Newsmexx, I can prove my activity as a journalist.."

Emily Baker, Photographer - Phoenix -

"As a photographic reporter with a focus on Europe I received complimentary entry to shows, events and music events through IAPP. The editorial confirmation from IAPP helped with this."

Elizabeth Edwards, Photographer - London, United Kingdom -

"A few days ago I used the "Apple Association Member Purchase Program" to purchase two new iMacs at the Apple store. My membership in IAPP resulted in a discount of several hundred dollars with this purchase."

Matthew Warren - San Diego, United States -

"My name is David Zimmer. I am from Germany. I joined IAPP without hesitation. German press associations generally require fees twice as high with considerably fewer services.

Thanks to the strong "Euro" the complete SIM membership (incl. annual fee) cost me about 85 Euros."

David Zimmer, Reporter - Frankfurt, Germany -

"When purchasing my DELL computer I saved over 200 dollars, I don´t even have to mention the complimentary entries."

Alexis Bennett - Jackson, United States -

"Thanks to the IAPP membership I was able to build a second leg to stand on, my internet blog is really successful..."

Joseph Armstrong - Los Angeles -

"I was skeptical whether my IAPP press pass would be accepted in Europe, particularly in Germany, as well. After 2 years and many trips to Italy and France it is confirmed: My press documents are accepted in Germany, Italy and France as well."

Alfredo Giuliani, Interviewer - Stuttgart, Germany & Rome, Italy -

"I have been unemployed for 2 years now, the investment in an IAPP membership has paid off. I take photos at meetings and events. I have a special photographer´s jacket and distribute business cards.

Photographs with celebrities and passersby work especially well, by now, I am also being booked for private parties."

Sara Adams - Georgia, United States