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The Certified IAPP Press Vehicle ID

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By displaying a IAPP Press Vehicle ID in your vehicle when driving to meetings or reporting a story, you will be permitted to park in spaces which are provided exclusively for representatives of the press.

A press vehicle ID can even be beneficial when parking “normally”. In media-friendly cities, police often look the other way when a car with a press vehicle ID is parked in an illegal zone. There’s no guarantee that you won’t get ticketed, but it happens time and time again.

IAPP Press Vehicle ID

Certified IAPP Press Vehicle ID:

  • Approved certified press stamp, IAPP press seal and IAPP collaboration partner logos
  • Registered ID no. and certified car ID no.
  • Sealed rigid laminate
  • Forgery-proof, with color gradient and hologram annual stamp
  • Format approx. 5.83 inch x 8.27 inch (14.8 x 21 cm)