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Blogger, Freelance & Part-time Journalists

Freelance Photographer

For self-employed and part-time journalists or blogger it can be difficult to find a foothold in the world of media, a world in which journalists from well-known newspapers, TV or radio stations receive preferential treatment.

This is also the case – perhaps even more so – within professional journalism organizations and labor unions. Many organizations leave people doing freelance photography or freelance journalists out in the cold - membership is often only offered to full-time journalists.

The IAPP sees things differently

We want to give everybody a fair chance, not least because people doing freelance photography and part-time journalism often do an equally good, or even better, job than their full-time peers. Freelance journalists cannot reap the benefits of a professional organization; all too often in their occupation, doors are closed to them. Becoming a member of the IAPP is a worthwhile step that will make your daily work as a freelance photographer or journalist easier.

A change in thinking is overdue

The image of journalists that was prevalent 20 years ago has long since ceased to exist. While at one time editorial offices and publishers only engaged full-time employees, this is rapidly changing. The reason: the costs! Increasingly, freelance journalists – as well as subcontractors who are setting up their own businesses – are being employed.

And this is where the IAPP fits in. The quality of good journalism shouldn’t be measured by whether the author works full- or part-time. This doesn’t seem to have gotten through to professional organizations and labor unions yet, however; here part-time journalists still don’t have a chance.

With membership in the IAPP, that can change. We see ourselves as an independent and international representation of our members' interests and give journalists, press photographers and media professionals the chance to practice their occupation part-time.