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Benefits of Joining the IAPP

The International Association of Press Photographers represents and develops the career interests of over 10,000 journalists. Our members work in all areas of media, consequently reaching an audience of millions.

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  • We offer a strong professional organization which functions as a non-union journalist organization and is there for both full-time and part-time journalists
  • Anyone who is active as a journalist can become a member.
  • Our independent news and press portal (UPA-NEWS) offers journalists, as well as newcomers and part-time editors, the chance to publish varied editorial content: news, reports, reportages, press releases, interviews, stories, tradeshow and event news, sports articles, professional articles, graphical material and much more
  • We have a network of experts who can quickly and efficiently answer any questions relating to the media industry
  • In cooperation with other industrial organizations, with politics, the public and journalists, we support the further development of the industry in a goal-oriented and practical manner
  • We actively fight for the freedom of the press, and in doing so support the organization “Reporters without Borders”. We believe in the unrestricted right of freedom of speech and of information.
  • In the member area of our website members can also profit from information and research opportunities, including those concerning the topics of freedom of press and press conditions.
  • Membership in the IAPP can help you receive special press conditions and hence save you money
  • As a member you can also make entries in the database for media producers and publish sample works for free.
  • Our members receive a free press card, which is officially recognized, as well as a press nameboard for your car. In addition, we issue these journalism tools to non-members
  • Since the IAPP is only funded by membership fees and does not receive any government grants, political and material independence is ensured